Service Station

Enables efficient card administration by allowing the end-user to manage selected life cycle functions.

Nexus Service Station is a robust standalone station in steel casing and it is by default equipped with a PC, a touch screen, an advanced DSLR camera, a smart card reader, a signature pad and a metal keyboard

You can use the Service Station for collection of user data including employee photos, update/rewrite cards (requires rewrite printer), order card new/renewal etc. It is an efficient way for organizations to reduce cost for handling cards for employees and contractors.

The Service Station supports dedicated workflows for

  • Ordering and renewal of Swedish health care cards (SITHS).
  • Lifecycle functions for cards in Nexus Smart ID management (Nexus IDC and Nexus PRIME)

Nexus Service Station can also be used in standalone mode for user data registration, photo/signature capturing and it is storing the data locally or on a network folder.

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Nexus Service Station detailed specification:

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