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Plastic pocket EC Standard with thumb grip, vertical, Blue - 100 pcs/box
Article no: CH3200-B
Plastic pocket EC Standard with thumb grip, vertical, Red - 100 pcs/box
Article no: CH3200-R
Plastic pocket CR80, landscape, green
Article no: CH3201-G
Plastic Pocket CR80, horizontal -Red
Article no: ch3201-r
Plastic Pocket CR80 with magnet lock - Black
Article no: CH3203
Plastic pocket CR80, portrait, white with transparent front
Article no: CH3205
Plastic Pocket CR80, Yellow- vertical
Article no: CH3206-Y
Plastic Pocket 113 x92 mm, landscape transparent
Article no: CH3209
Card Holder Visitor - Blue
Article no: CH3211
Card Holder Visitor - Black
Article no: CH3210
Card Holder Visitor - Yellow
Article no: CH3214
Card Holder Visitor - Green
Article no: CH3212
Card Holder Excellent, horizontally mounted metal clip-Blue
Article no: CH3314-B
Vetical Card Holder wih pin - Blue
Article no: CH3313-B
Card Holder Mifare 1K with clip-Black
Article no: CH3300
Card Holder Excellent - Black
Article no: CH3309-Y
Card Holder Excellent - Navy Blue
Article no: CH3309-B
Card Holder Excellent - Red
Article no: CH3309-R
Card Holder Excellent - White
Article no: CH3309-V
Card holder EC Multi, black
Article no: CH3299
Korthållare EC Multi, Transparent SPÄRRAD
Article no: CH3299-T
Card holder EC Multi Duo for up to six cards, vertical/horizontal, Black
Article no: CH3306-V
Korthållare ECO, GUL
Article no: CH3321-Y
Korthållare EC med tumgrepp, Frostad
Article no: CH3315
Double Card Holder with metal clip - Black
Article no: CH3310-S
Yo-Yo EC, Blue
Article no: CH3307-B
Yo-Yo EC, Red
Article no: CH3307-R
Yoyo EC incl. Brace clip and sport hook, White
Article no: CH3307-VM
Jojo reko oval med nyckelring, Grön
Article no: CH3308-GT
Yoyo Reel Oval incl. ID-strip, Yellow/Transparent
Article no: CH3308-YT
Yoyo Ski incl. Brace clip and friction clip, White
Article no: CH3311-V
Yoyo Mini incl. keychain and clip, Green
Article no: CH3312-G
Yoyo Mini incl. keychain and clip, Red
Article no: CH3312-R
Yoyo Mini incl. keychain and clip, Blue
Article no: CH3312-B
Yoyo Mini incl. keychain and clip, Yellow
Article no: CH3312-Y
Yoyo Mini incl. keychain and clip, White
Article no: CH3312-V
Korthållare horisontell med säkerhetsnål - Frostad
Article no: CH3314-T
Yoyo with stopfunction and strip - Black
Article no: CH3319-S
Jojjo med stopfunktion och monterat friktionsclip
Article no: CH3320-S
Nyckelband, Röd - med säkerhetsspänne + krok
Article no: CH3351-R
Lanyard 20mm w swivel hook and safety buckel-Black
Article no: CH3351-G
Lanyard w swivel hook (drop)and safety buckel-Red
Article no: CH3352-R
Lanyard w swivel hook (drop)and safety buckel-Blue
Article no: CH3352-B
Lanyard w swivel hook (drop)and safety buckel-Yellow
Article no: CH3352-Y
Metalball chain, nickel free 76cm - 2,4mm
Article no: CH3356
Lanyard w swivel hook (drop)and safety buckel-bright yellow
Article no: CH3352-NG
Crocodile clip in plastic, mini, Blue
Article no: CH34204-B
Crocodile clip in plastic, mini, Red
Article no: CH34204-R
Crocodile clip on a plastic strip, Yellow - 100 pcs/box
Article no: CH34201-Y
Safety pin on tape pad
Article no: CH3426
Brace clip in metal with a sport hook in plastic, Red
Article no: CH3423-R
Metal belt clip on strip
Article no: CH3422
Brace clip in metal with a sport hook in plastic, White
Article no: CH3423-V
Hängselclips på sportkrok - GUL
Article no: CH3423-Y
Friction clip in metal
Article no: CH3424
Plastic Card CR80, Noco - Black
Article no: PK2010-SV
Plastic Card, Crescendo C1150
Article no: BK2047-C1150
Plastic cards HiD C700 Mifare
Article no: BK2047-CM
Plastic Card Loxx
Article no: BO1199-K
Papperskort, LoCo mag grön - 750st/låda SPÄRRAD
Article no: PK1902-G
Key Fob EM RO - Black leather
Article no: BO1209-S
Nyckelbricka Fender EM 4200 RO, NeonOrange SPÄRRAD
Article no: BO1185-NO
Key Fob Parrot 5557 - Black
Article no: BO1196
Key Fob Loxx EM4102 Black - keyring incl.
Article no: BO1199-F
Keyfob ECO EM 4200 RO, Blue
Article no: BO1180-B
Key Fob ECO Mifare 1K, Blue
Article no: BO1181-B
Keyfob ECO Mifare 1K, Yellow
Article no: BO1181-Y
Keyfob ECO Mifare 1K, Black
Article no: BO1181-S
Key Fob EM RO - Neon Green
Article no: BO1185-NG
Transponder MIFARE Classic EV1 1K, 16mm - Självhäftande (100st/fp)
Article no: BKC2016
Färgpatron EPSON, TM-C3400 - 3 färger SPÄRRAD
Article no: PV1011
Visitor Base Badge 7,5x7,5 w oval whole
Article no: PK1906

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